TransIdentity Books: Empathy

On A YA Theme: Trans* Experiences and Identities

In December, Leelah Alcorn, a 17-year-old transgender teen, committed suicide. Her death sparked a massive outpouring online and further heightening ongoing conversations about the experiences of trans lives. On Twitter, the hashtag #RealLiveTransAdults helped spark visibility and helped amplify the voices of trans* adults.

Just as we’ve been talking about the importance of diversity when it comes to race, it’s also important to recognize that the discussion extends to sexuality, as well as sexual and gender identity. For today’s 3 On A YA Theme on BOOK RIOT, let’s talk about trans experiences and lives. And rather than limit it to three titles, I want to showcase three non-fiction titles, as well as three YA novels, to offer up the lived experiences of trans* teens, alongside the stories that feature them prominently.

It’s hard to say for certain whether books can save lives — I think that they can — what can be said for sure is that by sharing and discussing stories, fictional and non, we can better educate ourselves about the lives and experiences of those around us. Empathy is the building block of a better culture and better humanity.

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