Guest Post by Patricia/Brighid

How did I get here?

I am a part of this blog/process because my family is multi-cultural. My husband is of European ancestry. I am Irish-Welsh and Cherokee-Shawnee from my father’s side. My mother’s line is German. I have an adopted daughter that is African-American. My oldest daughter married a man from Cairo.  He is of Egyptian and Turkish ancestry. He arrived in the states on November 9th 2014 for the first time. Thankfully he is here to stay. He finally was able to reunite with his eighteen-month-old-son.

I am committed to this project THE MIX because I want to know how others are navigating their lives. I want to learn, discuss, share, explore, debate and hopefully arrive at some solutions, options, and insights. What issues are people encountering? What are the stories?

Having a mixed family is not new to me but the arrival of my son-in-law took things to a whole new level. I thought about some of the obstacles and situations my daughter and her family might encounter. I thought about the issues I encountered over the years.

Not only is my family mixed racially and culturally, we all have different religions and spiritual practices. Honoring everyone’s beliefs is of special interest to me.

I asked my son-in-law for his opinion and perspective. The first words out of his mouth were: COFFEE SHOP. As soon as he said coffee shop I envisioned myself at a lovely cafe I used to frequent. I saw the colorful walls, the alcoves, the wooden tables and the artwork from around the world. I remembered a gorgeous tapestry full of texture and color that hung above the small fireplace.

As the imagery became clearer I imagined people being drawn to this blog—an on-line coffee shop/café in search of kindred souls and people to discuss the-day-to-day issues as well as larger issues—the micro and the macro all mixed up together. And then I saw people going about their day—leaving, but taking with them a different perspective. I imagined stories and ideas being birthed.

I would like this space to become a resource.  It will be interesting to have people submit stories, articles and insights.  But I would also like people to assist with coming up with ideas on how to create more awareness. How can we tackle these issues in small and not so small ways? What sort of difference can we make? Can we make a difference? How? What are the issues? What are the hardships? Is there anything we can do together to define and work on some of the glaring problems? How do we preserve cultures? How do we blend? Do we blend? What does being MIXED mean? I want to pass information but I am more interested in creating a think tank.

Maybe there will be a book down the road of all our stories, insights, wisdom, art and poetry??

If someone has a passion about a particular topic such as raising mixed children, maybe they could develop an ongoing column.  Myself, mixed spiritual practices and beliefs are my passion.  I used to perform multicultural weddings.  I learned a lot about family, the importance of traditions and how to honor and respect different practices, thoughts and ideas.

I hope this doesn’t come across as light and fluffy. I’m ready for the hard hitting, the underbelly and all the places in-between. This is the birthing process so I am allowing myself to feel excited and to fully experience all the potential and possibilities. I hope this creates some sparks and other people will feel compelled to share.


editor PatriciaMIX Contributor Patricia Busbee, (Brighid Rowan) is an emerging author/editor/teacher and graduate of Evergreen State College and Goddard College. She has an MFA in creative writing. She received her education later in life. She enjoys the process of fusing fiction and non-fiction with poetry, art, and photography. Patricia’s memoir, “Remedies” was published by Blue Hand Books. She also co-edited two anthologies, Two Worlds: Lost Children of the Indian Adoption Projects & Book Two: “Called Home” with Lara Trace (DeMeyer) Hentz. 


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