The MIXED and The Rich and Famous

By Lara Trace Hentz (co-editor)

In doing this blog THE MIX, it’s important to highlight how much “mix” is already all around us – whether we realize it or not. After reading the Southern Poverty Law Center news about their important work, and speaking to my co-editor Carol Hand (Ojibwe mix), there is so much racism all around us, it’s like there are distinctly different worlds that exist in cities, towns, counties, with racial divides that are barely perceptible unless you are an “other” or a mix.

If you watch mainstream media, clearly the mix/minorities are ignored and/or reporting is biased.  How these media-men message our minds with their white privilege, creates animosity and fear in the audience. Here is one bloggers take on mainstream media: The Bias of Mainstream Media

Celebrities Most People Don't Know Are Black
Gabrielle Reece: The volleyball star’s father is Trinidadian. He was killed in a plane crash when Gabrielle was just five years old.


It’s time we shine a light on the many, not the few, who are living the mix… and living it as well as can be expected…

Race politics can be complicated and bi-racial stars often find themselves on one side of the Hollywood divide. Unsurprisingly, for the stars in this list that side tends to be the white one, with most people not even realizing these actors, actresses, and public personas are in fact mixed — and for all intents and purposes, black.

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Historical Figures You Didn’t Know Were Black/Mixed

Is Michelle Obama the first black First Lady? Do you know which one of your bills features a black man? You might be surprised at the historical figures you didn’t know were black.

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Betty Boop

They might have drawn Betty Boop white, but her history is black. The character was actually stolen from Cotton Club singer Esther Jones — known by her stage name “Baby Esther” and the baby talk she used when she sang songs like “I Wanna Be Loved By You (Boop- Boop-BeDoo). Her act later “inspired” cartoonist Max Fleischer to create the character Betty Boop and Esther tried to win the rights back to her character until the day she died.

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J. Edgar Hoover

Hitler’s Jewish ancestry isn’t the strangest twist in racial history. FBI director J. Edgar Hoover — the man who plagued the black liberation movement from Marcus Garvey to the Black Panther Party — was known by his peers as a passing black man.

His childhood neighbor writer Gore Vidal famously quoted, “It was always said in my family and around the city that Hoover was mulatto. And that he came from a family that passed.”

And apparently that was a closely-guarded secret. Millie McGhee, author of Secrets Uncovered: J. Edgar Hoover Passing For White, said,

“In the late 1950’s, I was a young girl growing up in rural McComb, Mississippi. A story had been passed down through several generations that the land we lived on was owned by the Hoover family. My grandfather told me that this powerful man, Edgar, was his second cousin, and was passing for white. If we talked about this, he was so powerful he could have us all killed. I grew up terrified about all this.”

– Jackie O (mixed) and more at:


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