What’s so funny about being MIXED?

Compiled by MIX Editors

The MIXED REMIXED Festival in LA, CA is our kind of fun…and author Heidi W. Durrow is a genius for starting this!

[FYI: June 2015: The annual Mixed Remixed Festival Live Event & Storyteller’s Prize Presentation featuring Donn T, Kaia, Aaron Samuels, Willy Wilkinson & Alex Barnett.   Prize honorees: comedian Al Madrigal, writer Jamie Ford, and also Honey Maid.   Celebrating stories of the Mixed and multiracial experience through films, books, and performance. Learn more: www.mixedremixed.org]

watch and enjoy


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PRINCE: Top Photo from this discontinued blog by Earnest Harris: NO MORE RACE:  Here’s why:

After much deep thought (well semi-deep at least) I have decided to discontinue this blog. It is in part because my film production company and talent management company are keeping me extremely busy these days, but the biggest reason frankly is just fatigue from trying to open people’s minds.

So my decision to stop writing this blog doesn’t mean I am giving up on what matters to me. That would be impossible when I live a mixed life, with a mixed family, one of varying ethnicities and cultures. Nor do I think the majority of the people out there are bad. Not at all. And as I said before I have had the pleasure of meeting some wonderful people all over the world, and of varying skin colors through this blog. And I will continue to support, follow and comment on their blogs. I treasure them too much. I will continue to chime in occasionally through my Huffington Post blog, which I write here and there, as I am moved. I have found lots of great blogs and sites on matters of race, mixed life, and equality in general, so I know the information is out there. So mine ceasing won’t end the debates and good work so many are doing.


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