Bill Moyers: Eddie Glaude Jr. on Why Black Votes Matter

Bill Moyers in Conversation: Eddie Glaude Jr. on Why Black Votes Matter [AUDIO PODCAST]

This week, Bill continues his conversation with Eddie Glaude Jr., author of Democracy in Black: How Race Still Enslaves the American Soul, a new book that is “part manifesto, part history and part memoir” — and burns with prophetic fire.

Inconvenient truths leap from every page. At its center is America’s value gap.  Glaude tells Bill: “We talk about the achievement gap, we talk about the empathy gap, we talk about the wealth gap, and the value gap is this: the belief that white people matter more than others.”  He observes that our current political discourse makes use of “the difference between us, to exploit the fears, to cultivate them, to stoke them in order to benefit the status quo, to maintain the status quo.”

In part one of their conversation, Moyers and Glaude discussed the crisis that engulfs black America.  In part two, Glaude explains why he believes the Democratic Party should be “challenged to its core” by black voters this November.



We continue with Professor Glaude’s proposal to upend our politics and launch a revolution of values.

Listen to our conversation by clicking on the stream above. You can also download it and take it with you, or click to read the full transcript. Sign up for our audio podcast feed to get new conversations as soon as we record them.


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