Finding Hope in a Loveless Place | Everything Counts | Social Work at the Crossroads

It was a strange statement for a black woman, a sociologist, a professor. I would go on to consult for Bernie Sanders’ campaign in the primary. I had written an essay for a mainstream anthology about Hillary Rodham Clinton’s brand of feminism. It wasn’t a secret that I was unsettled by how the Democratic party wanted to approach this election.

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Trump changed everything. Now everything counts

Millions of Americans are starting to grasp that we can’t politely stand by watching lives and liberties get slashed beyond repair. What are you going to do?

If you’re among the majority of American voters who just voted against the party soon to control all three branches of our government, you’ve probably had a run of bad days. You felt this loss like a death in the family and coped with it as such: grieved with friends, comforted scared kids, got out the bottle of whisky, binge-watched Netflix.  But we can’t hole up for four years waiting for something that’s gone.  We just woke up in another country.



Crystal M. Hayes, MSW Crystal is a doctoral student in social work at the University of Connecticut and teaches at Smith College School for Social Work and North Carolina State University in the Department of Social Work.

Social work is not nor should it be a neutral profession.

Source: Social Work At The Crossroads: How To Resist The Politics Of A Donald Trump Presidency | The Huffington Post


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