#DecolonizeThisPlace Demands Removal of Natural History Museum’s Roosevelt Statue [UPDATED]

Over 200 people took part in the Decolonize This Place tour of the American Museum of Natural History, and joined the rally outside the museum to remove the controversial Roosevelt statue.

Chauvet Bishop was one of the people who congregated around the Roosevelt statue. A poet and massage therapist, Bishop said she attended partly because she is interested in Decolonize This Place’s approach.

I really like that they are looking at everybody’s cause,” Bishop told Hyperallergic. “They’re looking on a global level for what’s wrong with the planet in general … There’s no such thing as one cause, that’s the thing. Nothing is in a vacuum, nothing’s isolated. I definitely believe in the principle of Ubuntu, ‘My humanity is tied to yours. I am because you are.’”

She said the tour was powerful and she was happy she attended. “I cried a couple times … I am very sensitive to energy. I’m very sensitive to the things that have happened … It’s very heavy in there. There’s a lot of suffering still there, walking through and seeing things of my ancestors. I’m black, but I’m of very mixed heritage. 

“There’s indigenous American [in me], there is Spanish, there is European, there’s African, so walking through everything and just seeing how people are put on display, how my ancestors were put on display, how some of my ancestors were not put on display, it’s very big … it hit me. It really did.”

Source: #DecolonizeThisPlace Demands Removal of Natural History Museum’s Roosevelt Statue [UPDATED]


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