FYI: Writers

enhanced-5504-1420656363-1Hey writers!

Interested in contributing to a blog/e-mag called the MIX?

THE MIX is about mixed ancestry. We will only consider works that address this topic in prose, poetry, artwork, music, video, or audio recordings.

Writing is personal. Blogging is public. That means what you post here on this public blog can be read anywhere in the world and it won’t disappear (unless we delete the blog entirely.) Write about yourself. Write about your ancestry. Check with relatives before you use their names or images. You can put a disclaimer at the top of your essay or embedded within the text: names have been changed to protect the privacy of ___  :: ie., my family, friends, community, and ancestors.)

We don’t have a word count specified but if a post is too long, it will be broken into parts and published in installments. (The idea is to keep the reader’s interest – we humans have short-attention spans in this century.)

***OK:  There are a few rules. We expect that blog essays will be spell-checked and without profanity (some cuss words will be allowed if necessary)… We have editors to determine how that will go and you will be notified. (We are using a “G” rating for the general public.)

*** NECESSARY:  EMAIL us a photo and short bio to be included at the end of your blog essay. Send us links to your books, blogs, websites, anything you need to help you grow your own readership. Send a photo to go with your essay. Send tags/labels for your essay: (location, country, territory you’re writing about) (help the reader understand what ancestral territory you are talking about…)

Let us know if this has been published elsewhere (magazine, blog, book, etc.) That needs to be at the end of your post.

If you submit poetry, please give a helpful description of the poem that will explain how it relates to mixed ancestry.

We are not offering payment for your posts but loads of publicity for you and your writing!

Yes we are publishing WEEKLY and you can submit more than one post.  We’ll schedule as they arrive.

(This FYI will be updated as necessary…) GET WRITING! We look forward to your submissions!

EDITOR EMAILS:   1/1/2017 is our third anniversary

Trace/Lara Harlow-Hentz (

Carol A. Hand (

(More editors will be added)




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